"Music In 2 Movements, For The "Ukulele Jammer"

This book has two goals. The first is to provide you with all of the tools you need to understand the basics of Music Theory such as Scales, Intervals, Chords, etc. The material, in the first part of the book, is presented in a very accessible style - enough to help you understand the basics without overloading you with complex detail.

The other goal is to provide you with the tools which will help you advance your playing to the next level. The second part of the book includes discussions of various playing techniques such as Timing; Navigating Sheet Music; Strumming and Fingerpicking; How to begin and End a Song; Chord Substitution; Improvising; Chord-Melody; etc.

And finally the book has a comprehensive Appendix containing Fingerboard Maps; Chord Diagrams; Movable Chord Shape Diagrams; etc for both Tenor (Concert, Soprano) and Baritone Ukuleles.

The book consists of 120+ double-sided pages and is available in two forms:

. Hard-Copy; Spiral Bound; $15 (includes Shipping/Handling).

. eBook (.pdf); $10.

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